Our IT Services

Technical support that's smart, friendly and at hand, always. We know how critical technical support is to your business. It is, by the way, to our business, too. With the myriad of technologies, the complexity of your products always increase. You'd need a partner that has the know-how of most popular technologies (or in most cases, that can get trained quickly).

You wouldn't want to risk your business with a newbie; that is why partnering with someone like OCG - that comes with proven expertise in the domain - will prove valuable immediately and in the long run.

Send us your RFP, we'll respond to it readily with our proposal. We are sure you'll be convinced that we have the necessary resources and expertise to handle all of your IT support requirements

Technical Support

Technical online and on-call Hardware and Software trouble shooting for Clients.

Hardware solutions

Hardware sourcing - Purchase Management - Installations Maintenance- Support - Back up - Buy Back -Onsite support .


Network set up for small and medium institutions - Networks Designing & Implementation - Intranet/Extranet configuration -Network Management - Wireless Network set up and management - Network Security Solutions.

Infrastructure Management

Technical online and on-call Hardware and Software trouble shooting for Clients.


Call Center Setup/Management - Transcription - Training - Quality Assurance

Why should you outsource your Infrastructure Management?

It is the operation components including policies, processes, equipment, data, human resources, and external contacts, for overall effectiveness. Infrastructure management also includes the processes of: systems management, network management, and storage management This article will give information you need to go in favour help you decide whether you should outsource your infrastructure management process.

Guaranteed uptime and service quality

Once you outsource your IMS to a vendor, you are guaranteed of the uptime. When you choose a vendor, you are also buying the experience the vendor has gained maintaining a number of networks and data centers. That's a huge advantage to having an in-house team.

Keeping your business ahead

When you buy a piece of technology, it will support your core offering. People will always be there to help you make strategic decisions; you'll also get up-to-date information on new technologies and implementation knowledge that will keep your business always on the front foot.

Round-the-clock service

Most vendors provide 24X7X365 service that will be hard to implement if you are not in the service business yourself. It takes much of operation know-how, investment and effort. Trying to implement all the processes yourself becomes an overhead in the long run. It could even affect your bottom line.

Adopting new technologies

To benefit from new technology, organizations must constantly evaluate, install and integrate new hardware and software into their operations to stay ahead of the game. When they do that, they have new challenges of training existing staff, retaining highly specialized personnel or attracting skilled engineers. By outsourcing, some of the burden of evaluating and implementing new technology is passed on to a third-party that specializes in the field and therefore has access to the best talent in the area with advanced skills and certified expertise.

Most providers have the following services in their bouquet:

→ Data Center Operations Management Services
→ Network Operations Management Services
→ Security and Information Assurance Services
→ End User Services

Talk with a consultant to design and implement your infrastructure management strategy.